Lies a New Tool in Foreclosure

Here is an interesting link to an article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


Also, you might be interested in the attached Florida Supreme Court Reprimand:



For non-lawyers, a public reprimand is taken very seriously in the Bar.  (In an interesting note, the Martindal & Hubble service still gives him an "AV" rating, so be careful in relying on that service in any particular case.)

To be fair, the problem is not as bad as the newspaper indicates, it is worse. The cited firm (the Default Law Group) also runs its title company (New House Title) and will not even record a simple affidavit to make title marketable. You either accept the Big Lie, or they shut you out.

I have seen similar problems at other "foreclosure mills."   I believe this is the type of corruption that is destined to happen when the governments assist institutions in the taking over of industries.  I believe the purpose of government should be to split up monopolies to enable competition, not to protect them by law.

Bob Sammons
February 22, 2010